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Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation Mission:

The purpose of the Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation (SEEF) is to enrich and improve the quality of education in the Shakopee School District by funding projects that provide innovative learning opportunities for our students. 

Learn About Teacher Projects Funded by SEEF

Check out the video below to see highlights of a few of the exciting teacher projects funded by your contributions to SEEF. (Click on the arrow to view.)

Foundation Seeks New Members

The Board of Directors of the Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation (SEEF) is comprised of community members who volunteer their time and talent to advance the Foundation’s mission of funding innovative learning opportunities for students in the Shakopee School District. We are looking for individuals who believe in our mission and want to support the teachers and students. You can serve as a board member or at the committee level. 

Here are a few quotes from board members that we hope give you a sense of the important work of SEEF:

“I appreciate the opportunity to participate with an organization that has a 25-year history of success in providing teacher grants to Shakopee schools.” and “The privilege of participating in the grant review process and witnessing the creative commitment of our Shakopee teachers is a highlight of being part of this Foundation.”

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Serve on the Grant, Communications and/or Development committees.
  • Assist with clerical work such as mailings.
  • Share expertise in skilled areas like event planning, fundraising, marketing, communications, organizational planning, web, and technical support.
  • Serve on our board of directors.

If you know you would like to be considered for an open position on the board, we invite you to review the Foundation’s expectations of its board members listed at the top of the board member application form and submit the form for consideration.

If you simply would like more information on how you can support the work of the Foundation, email


Shakopee Valley News Editorial (Feb. 14, 2013):

SEEF adds to educational experience in Shakopee

Grant Program Temporarily Suspended

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant challenges for students and staff. The Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation is working to determine how we can best respond to the unique needs of our schools in this new “normal”. As a result, we are suspending the 2020-21 Teacher Grant Program until further notice. Please watch for updates on this site and/or contact us with any questions.

SEEF Welcomes New Board Member

The Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation recently welcomed  Kathy McKay to the Board of Directors. We are excited to have her join the board and bring her unique talents, expertise and perspectives to the work of the Foundation. Our heartfelt thanks to Kathy for agreeing to help further our mission to preserve and enhance the quality of education in the Shakopee School District.

SEEF Presents School District with Funds to Support 2019-20 Teacher Grant Program

Members of the Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation Board of Directors presented a check to the school district for $29,491 to fund 30 grants awarded to teachers across the district in the 2019-20 academic year. THANK YOU to our many donors who make our Teacher Grant Program possible. 

For more about the annual Teacher Grant Program, see the article below. 

2019-20 Grant Awards Announced

Since its inception, the Shakopee Educational Endowment Foundation (SEEF) has been making teachers’ dreams come true by funding grants for innovative classroom projects. Thanks to generous donations from our community, this school year a total of 30 grants were funded benefiting 64 district staff members and countless Shakopee students. View the link below for the full list of this year's grants.

Highlights from this year’s grants, which total nearly $30,000, include:

  • Promotion of literacy through a grades K-5th initiative to bring literacy into the art classroom using books, a preschool program to provide access to inclusive and diverse books and materials, to a reading partnership between Shakopee High School students and Jackson Elementary students.
  • Support for STEM education ranging from a 3D scanner at the middle school, to elementary STEM residencies and materials for STEM problem-solving activities. In addition, new equipment in the SHS Science Department will enrich biology and chemistry classes.
  • Funding for music programs including ukuleles and glockenspiels at the elementary level, as well as instruments for a music and sound recording class at the high school.

View the full list of teacher grants funded by SEEF this year.
View the Summary 2019-20 Teacher Grant Awards.

An amazing number of worthy grant proposals were received totaling nearly $43,000. While the Foundation would have liked to fund all the projects, the reality is, we received many more requests than our resources would allow us to support.

The primary purpose of SEEF is to fund creative learning projects not typically covered in the normal school budget. Each year, the staff in Shakopee Public Schools are invited to submit proposals for creative projects that will enrich learning opportunities for our students. Since 1991, the Foundation has awarded 512 grants totaling nearly $400,000 for teacher initiatives across all campuses in our district. SEEF grants enhance all academic subject areas, including technology, fine arts, early childhood education and special education. Funds to support the grants come from generous donations made by area businesses, service organizations, school district staff, community members and alumni.

Final Grant Report Form for 2019-20 Grant Awards

Final Grant Report Form (Download the electronic form.)